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Summer maintenance strategy excavator high temperature maintenance

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Summer maintenance strategy excavator high temperature maintenance


Summer maintenance strategy excavator high-temperature maintenance

Summer is coming, hot and hot, and it is a test for excavators. So what do we need to pay attention to in order to maintain the performance of the excavator? In addition to the normal maintenance of the excavator, pay attention to the following points:

First, check if the antifreeze has expired and need to be replaced. Many excavator bosses know the antifreeze solution to prevent the coolant from freezing and swelling the radiator and freezing the engine cylinder block or cover when parking in the cold winter. Wait until winter to change it! But we have to correct a misunderstanding that antifreeze is not only used in winter, but it should also be used throughout the year. Antifreeze has two qualities: low freezing point and high boiling point. Therefore, it can not only ensure the normal operation of the vehicle cooling system in the winter but also prevent the cooling water from boiling during the summer and avoid the situation of “opening the pot”. In addition, antifreeze usually has anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects. Because in the cooling system, there are metal materials and non-metal materials, and the anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties of the antifreeze can slow down the ageing of the entire cooling system. In addition, the scale is often generated in the cooling system, and scale can cause blockage of the circulation pipe, which in turn affects the engine. Antifreeze has the function of waterproofing, thus reducing this hidden danger. Of course, the authentic antifreeze can be used for 2000 hours, and the general antifreeze can only be used for 1000 hours. Different brands of antifreeze are not the same, do not mix.

Second, check if the water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioning condenser are blocked. After the excavators in autumn, winter and spring, these places are easy to accumulate some dead branches and leaves, or the adsorption of catkins. These things hinder the heat dissipation of water tanks, hydraulic oil radiators and air conditioning condensers. It is easy to cause high temperature of the engine, high-temperature deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and poor air conditioning refrigeration. In addition, some of the excavator's water tank and radiator cover plate, sponge damage or fall off, resulting in abnormal fan suction, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioning condenser. In order to ensure the normal use of the excavator, always pay attention to the grid number of the water temperature meter. When it is certain, measures must be taken. You can choose to stop in the nearby shade and cool down at idle speed. Be careful not to turn off the flame immediately to prevent the engine from overheating and causing the pull. Accidents such as cylinders. After the temperature has dropped, in addition to checking whether the antifreeze is missing, check the tension and fatigue of the fan belt.

Third, the choice of grease should be appropriate. In summer, the ambient temperature is high, the working temperature of the excavator will be higher, the temperature has a great influence on the fluidity of the grease, the temperature rises, the grease becomes soft, the grease adhesion performance is reduced and it is easy to be lost, resulting in a working device and The lubricating performance of the turning device is degraded. In addition, under higher temperature conditions, it is easy to increase the evaporation loss of the grease, and the oxidative deterioration and condensation and oil separation phenomenon are serious. The main reason for the failure of grease is mostly due to the shrinkage of the gel and the evaporation loss of the base oil. Greases with good high temperature performance can maintain their adhesion performance at higher service temperatures, and the deterioration process is slower. Note: Never look at grease like flour.

Fourth, in the summer driving of the wheeled excavator, it is easy to cause the tire to overheat and the air pressure is increased, which causes the rubber physical properties of the tire to decrease, causing a puncture. If the tire pressure and tire temperature are too high, stop the car in a cool place and then continue driving. Always check the braking performance of the whole machine to detect and eliminate the faults in the braking system and reduce the hidden dangers. The brake is used for a long time to make the temperature of the brake hub and the brake pad too high, and the braking performance is degraded. It should be immediately stopped and cooled to avoid adverse effects on the safety of the whole machine. However, it is never allowed to use cold water to pour tires and flush the brakes to force cooling.

Fifth, wading operations, do not let the water exceed the centre of the upper roller. If the water flows over the large ring gear, pay attention to the grease in the ring gear in time (if the sand is mixed in the grease, it will easily aggravate the wear of the gear and the ring gear). When working in water, do not tilt the excavator more than 15° (avoid the upper structure from intruding into the water and damage the radiator fan). The crawler tightening cylinder should also be loose and tight (remove the sludge on the cylinder, and the rain in summer will prevent the cylinder from rusting). After the day of the day, the excavator should run the small throttle for a few minutes, and the standby temperature will drop and then turn off. During the busy season in summer, the excavator will be parked for a long time, and the fuel tank should be filled with diesel to avoid rusting of the fuel tank. Remove the battery when parking, place the battery in a dry and moisture-proof place and keep the surface clean and dry. When the excavator is cleaning, do not spray water directly onto the electrical components. If water enters, it will cause the electrical components to fail or malfunction. Summer maintenance is not difficult, master the above points, then, even in hot summer days, you can let your equipment worry-free!

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